Gym Wheel

Gym Wheel consists of three disciplines: Straight-Line, Spiral, and Vault. Each discipline has its own characteristics and difficulties.

In Straight-Line, the wheel moves back and forth on two hoops, while the gymnast performs tricks on a selected piece of music. Creativity, interpretation of the music, as well as the difficulty of the tricks are important. In Spiral, the wheel moves in circles on one hoop. The gymnast takes different positions in the wheel, while maintaining a regular circular movement. In Vault, the gymnast accelerates the wheel by pushing it forward; this movement is used to get on top of the wheel, before finishing with a spectacular jump onto a mat. Popular in this discipline are various forms of (double) somersaults.

Gym Wheel Elements

Here you find descriptions and tutorials for elements in the Gym Wheel. Click on one of the three disciplines below for a list of all tricks in that discipline, or use the search tool to find specific elements.



In Straight-Line, a wide range of elements is possible. With or without straps, and in a central or a decentral position in the wheel. Click below to see the full list of elements in Straight-Line.

Straight-Line Elements



In Spiral, the wheel can move slowly in a big circle (big spiral), quickly as a coin (small spiral), or spinning on the spot (vertical spiral); and it can change direction or side. Click below to see the full list of elements in spiral.

Spiral Elements



In Vault, one can jump backwards or in handstand on top of the wheel, before making any somersault onto the mat, possibly with a twist. Click below to see the full list of elements in Vault.

Vault Elements

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